Seabirds Kitchen: Enjoy a Seasonal, Plant-Based Menu



Seabirds Kitchen ensures Costa Mesa residents get their daily dose of veggies with a menu that features plant-based entrees sourced from local organic farmers. The restaurant ensures freshness by picking the produce at the peak of its season. Because of this, Seabirds Kitchen has a seasonally-changing menu. Given the season, entrees may include beer-battered and […]

Healthy Ways to Indulge a Chocolate Craving



Many people have a sweet tooth that creates a craving for chocolate, but while the occasional indulgence is okay, eating too much chocolate could be the end to your healthy diet. Here are a few healthy ways to eat chocolate that will keep you right on track when a craving strikes. Chocolate Tart with Hazelnut […]

Gen Korean BBQ House: 30+ All-You-Can-Eat Meats



By the time you get seated at Tustin's Gen Korean BBQ House, you'll probably have worked up an appetite. That's because the eatery boasts such a following that a meal there often includes a wait for a table. But make it through the wait, and you will be greatly rewarded. At both lunch and dinner, […]

Seeking Original Artwork? Here’s Where to Shop for It Online!



Furnishing your home with original artwork is a very fulfilling hobby, but unfortunately it can also be very expensive. There are quite a few websites that offer artwork created by independent artists for much less than gallery prices, which makes them beneficial to both you and the artist. Here are a few of the best. […]

South Coast Village Cinema: A Cult Classic Itself



Remember when theaters screened movies other than the current blockbuster and ticket prices were reasonable? Maybe not if you’re a college student, but either way South Coast Village Cinema will show you a better version of dinner-and-a-movie, not too far from Windsor at Main Place. Described as a ‘dive’ movie theater, South Coast is not […]

How to Create an Eye-Catching Vignette



While design magazines and blogs make it seem effortless to throw a few things together on a shelf and make it look stylish, in real life, it’s not quite as easy. If you want to learn how to create a magazine-worthy vignette, these simple tips will show you the way. Start with a blank slate. […]

Varsity Burgers: Classic Burgers in Anaheim



Head to Varsity Burgers when nothing will put the squeeze on your hunger but a big juicy beef patty with all the trimmings. Burgers aren’t all that’s happening at this tasty fast food eatery in Anaheim. They also offer a small menu of Mexican cuisine. Breakfast is also an option with day starters like Breakfast […]

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